Sunday, 6 October 2013

Peas Pilau

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


4 large black Cardamoms
15 cloves
1/2 tspn black peppercorns
2 tbsn cumin seeds
1/2 tbsn ground fennel seeds
1 tbsn ground coriander seeds
1 tbsn garam masala
1/5 inch piece of ginger
3 tbsn salt or to taste
5 garlic cloves
2 medium onions
5 cups of basmati rice
3 cups of frozen or fresh peas.
15 tbsn of oil or as desired.
10 cups of warm water

For Raita:

One pot of greek yoghurt
2 cloves of garlic
tspn ground cumin
1tbsn of dried mint
Salt to taste


Wash rice in like warm water until water runs clear, leave to soak for about half an hour.

In large pan heat up oil and add the Whole spices. Fry until these aromas of the spices are released, then add sliced onions and brown, stirring continually to avoid burning.

NOTE: the browner you cook the onions the darker the colour of pilau will be, so if you don't want a dark coloured pilau cook onions on medium to low heat until soften and lightly golden.

When onions have reached desired colouring turn heat low add half a cup of water and cover quickly. Be careful as it will splutter. Stir on low heat. Adding water is to release the colour the onions and spices have given. At this stage add your grated ginger and garlic along with the ground spices. Cook well on low heat for a few minutes, if it is drying out add a little bit more water to prevent ground spices from burning. Now add the peas and cook on high heat stirring constantly until peas look slightly wilted.

Drain rice and add, stir well until rice grains are all coated.

Keep heat low, then add 10 cups of warm water. Turn heat high and stir. Cover until boiling then turn down to low and let it simmer. Keep checking from time to time, now is also a good time to check salt.
When water is nearly all gone. Turn heat down lowest. Wet a dish cloth and place above the rim of pot and place the lid on top. This process generates steam which helps final cooking time and fluff up the rice. If you wish you may place in oven, if not use a diffuser on cooker and place pot on top. Cook on lowest heat for about 5 minutes.
Turn off heat and leave to rest for a few minutes. Then fluff up with fork.

For the Raita:

Place yoghurt, ground cumin, crushed garlic, dried mint and salt into a bowl and mix well. Cut cucumber and remove seeds as this wil make raita too watery, the grate and mix into raita.

Peas Pilau served with a Garlic, mint and cucumber raita. :)

Enjoy :)

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