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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalamu alaykum and Merhaba!

My name is Roohi, I am a mother of four amazing boys a Pre-school teacher and newly appointed Food Columnist for Invitation magazine, Alhamdulillah. Life is busy, and deciding what to cook after a hard day at work is tricky business! I began cooking from the age of 12, when I made my first chapati and pot of daal, since then it has always been a passion.

A few months ago I started posting food pictures of meals I cooked at home for my boys on Instagram, which began a new found love for food photography,. This became popular with my followers and friends, who then  started asking for the recipes, I then thought why not start a blog?! So Roo's Kitchen was born. :)

In our current climate with expenses rising daily I understand all too well how difficult it may seem to cook food at a low cost, but food doesn't have to be about expensive ingredients and gourmet meals. I want to show through my blog that you can cook wholesome meals that wont put large holes in your pocket. One benefit is the power of spices used in all my recipes, they act as a natural food preservatives, meaning you can cook a meal that will last a day or two or three! So very economical.

I love cooking nutritional meals, as all mothers I want my children to have the best and I am responsible for making sure they get the best, so I endeavour to always make everything from scratch rather than shop bought such as stocks and sauces. I am always introducing new flavours into my recipes, some work, some don't, but that's okay, trial and error is all part and parcel when it comes to cooking, sometimes the best dishes come from improvisation! :)

As a busy mum I also understand the need for quick easy meals. Deciding what to cook everyday is a dilemma! My blog offers a range of simple dishes for weekly suppers to more decadent dishes for those days when you want to cook something that tad bit special. :)

I will share some recipes passed down from my mother and others in my family and some that I have adapted to suit me and my family. Just simple authentic recipes that I hope will inspire you all.

My mother is one of my biggest inspiration, teaching me from my early teens an art that I am truly truly grateful to her for, she gave me many words of wisdom to adhere to whilst cooking and one that I always remember is to cook with love, and I have determined that no matter how many ingredients you put into a dish, if it is not cooked with love then the plate of food you serve will remain empty.

So, with that I say, from my kitchen to yours, with love.


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